November 18, 2020

The Fast Before The Feast

As we continue in this season of Thanksgiving, Pastor Steve and our Care Elders have introduced a new prayer initiative for our TCC Community in order to elevate prayer in our lives and families. One of the ways you can join with us in this effort is by participating in “The Fast Before The Feast” happening November 18-25. 

How does it work?
First, prayerfully consider what you will “fast” during this week. It can be food, but it can also be something else—screens, coffee, social media, etc. Ask the Lord to guide you in choosing what to fast during this time.

Next, determine the portion of time that you will fast, during the week of November 18-25. It can be any amount of time—8 hours, 24 hours, the whole week—you decide.

Last and most importantly, pray! Pray and seek the Lord during your time of fasting, but also pray for our TCC Community over this next couple of weeks that others would have the courage, humility, and strength to fast too. Pray that the Lord will be present among us and that his hand will be on our church, our community, and our nation, as we go through this season of Thanksgiving.

TCC Alive